About Wim Tellier

Find out more about the man and his projects

Born in Belgium (1979), Wim Tellier is one of the most innovative and talked about contemporary artists working in Belgium today. His trademark is to create art installations with large pictures/ blow-ups.

Wim is best known for his project, WE WISH, which he featured a 600m² babypicture of his son Yenno, that travelled around the world being exhibited on several top locations. Among them was the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles.

But as any artist would concur, the sky is the limit. And so Wim Tellier came up with Protect 7-7, an ambitious global project culminating in the world's first art installation on Antarctica. Comprising six enormous blow ups together forming a 30.000m² art installation, each a collage of the dreams and aspirations and the legacy of a single continent, everything was assembled by a team of 4 people on Antarctica, having to cope with 3000kgs of pictures. The breathtaking pictures of the art installation were photographed from the air with a DPM in minus 58 degrees.

Subsequently cut by hand into over 7500 individual pieces and sold, the technique has since become a trademark of Wim Tellier and his quest to make contemporary art accessible to a wider audience.

As the artist behind We Drift, Wim Tellier once again confronts us with our own vulnerability as members of the human race and as inhabitants of a planet in peril. In We Drift, Tellier's unique perspective finds expression in the form of a groundbreaking photographic collage destined to become the world's largest ever art installation.